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Hi there! Thanks for dropping in.

My name is Victor, and I am a software developer living in Pretoria, South Africa.

I have been a techie all my life, and my during my career I have worked across the private, government, and education sectors in a number of roles, including: programming teacher, systems administrator, and of course, software developer.

I've done work for Ford, Anglo-American, Discovery, and Nando's among others.

These days I work with the amazing people at BBD developing powerful software systems and tools for the South African Revenue Service.

When I'm not chasing the high of solving a challenging problem on my laptop, I enjoy: camping, scuba diving, playing the guitar + harmonica, and geeking out with friends over board-games.

Interested in finding out more about me and my skillset? Feel free to give me a shout!


  • Python Logo
    Python Development

    Sssssseriously awesome language

  • C Sharp Logo
    C# Development

    Desktop, ASP.NET, MVC

  • Data Warehouse Icon
    Data Warehousing

    Design and Development of Databases and Data Warehouses, as well as ETL using tools like SSIS

  • Business Intelligence Icon
    Business Intelligence

    Transforming data into information using OLAP tools like IBM Cognos and SSAS

  • IBM logo
    IBM Technologies

    Cognos, DB2, AIX

  • SQL logo
    Microsoft Technologies

    SQL Server, SSIS, and SSAS

  • Linux Logo
    Linux + Unix

    Because terminals and shell scripts are the ultimate Swiss army knife!



  • Software Developer
    2015 - present
    (South African Revenue Service team)

    - Succesfully developed and delivered complex software systems in a deadline-driven environment for a variety of tax types including: dividends, medical aid, insurance, IT3BCES, and AEOI.
    - Acted as both team member and team lead on multiple projects.
    - Technical and operations support specialist in a high-pressure environment.
    - 2016 - Winner of the "Helping Your People" award

  • Software Developer
    Signify Software

    - ASP.NET WebForms, MVC, SQL, Javascript and JQuery development of new and existing system functionality.
    - Part of two-man team that implemented system-wide translation capabilities.
    - Client support and change requests.

  • Technical Officer
    2012 - 2014
    University of the Free State

    Managing, maintaining and upgrading the CSI department's computer labs (100+ machines).
    2014 - Complete physical and technical renovation of CSI computer labs.
    2014 - Secretary for faculty IT committee.

  • Python Teacher
    2010 - 2013
    University of the Free State

    As a proud member of the UFS Python Project, I tought pupils from surrounding primary- and high schools to code in Python and compete in the National Programming Olympiad.
    2013 - One of my students becomes the first pupil from the Free State in nearly 20 years to place in the National Computer Olympiad.


  • B.Sc.Hons: Management Information Systems (MIS)
    University of the Free State

    Data Warehousing (SSIS), Business Intelligence (SSAS and IBM Cognos), Advanced SQL, Oracle Databases, Advanced ASP.NET, Project Management
    2014 - Developed custom lab management system for the Department of Computer Science and Informatics.

  • B.Sc: IT Management
    University of the Free State

    C# + ASP.NET Development, SQL Development, Software Engineering, Hardware + Networks, Accounting, Management, Marketing.
    2012 - Award for best tutor in faculty.

  • High School
    Ficksburg High School

    2008 - Award for best scholar in IT.
    2008 - Top 10 academic.
    2007 - Top 10 academic.


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